Data protection for companies

Practice-oriented data protection

The Digicom team in Düren, Germany, offers solutions tailored to your company’s needs to ensure compliance with legal data protection requirements – in a professional and practice-oriented manner.

Our many years of cross-industry and international experience in data protection will also help your organization. No matter whether it is an association, a small company or even a large corporation. We have competent data protection specialists for every size and form of organization.

We help you to easily integrate data protection into your business processes. Our philosophy is that data protection should support your business processes, not hinder them.

Together with us, data protection becomes an important marketing tool for your company.

Data protection officer

As external certified data protection officers, we will be happy to assist your company and fulfill the tasks in accordance with Article 39 GDPR.

Coach / -Consultant

We support internal data protection officers, data protection teams or help project groups to implement data protection requirements.

Expert for interest groups

We offer, among other things, support to works councils as experts in the field of data protection in accordance

Documentation software

Unterstützung bei der Erfüllung Ihrer Dokumentationspflichten z.B. durch unsere Software Digibizs Solutions.

Data protection training

Professional and competent seminars, live online training, workshops or conferences.

Data protection toolbox

Use the toolbox and build your own data protection system that meets the legal requirements.


GDPR compliance analysis of your websites

Erasure concept

Development of an erase concept

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Memberships and working groups

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We take social responsibility!

Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH is committed to various social projects. Get an impression of which projects we support financially or with personnel.

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Unser Datenschutzkoffer ist wie ein Werkzeugkasten aufgebaut. Nutzen Sie die enthaltenen Werkzeuge und bauen Sie sich Ihre eigene Datenschutzdokumentation auf, die die gesetzlichen Anforderungen der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DS-GVO) erfüllt. Wir beraten und unterstützen Sie dabei!

Ihre Internetseite wurde gehackt oder Sie sind Opfer eines Datenleaks geworden? Sie müssen innerhalb von 72 Stunden aktiv werden!

Wir helfen Ihrem Unternehmen in den kritischsten Situationen schnell weiter. Senden Sie uns alle notwendigen Informationen per Mail. Wir werden uns umgehend bei Ihnen melden.

Jedes Unternehmen, egal ob KMU oder Konzern muss alle datenschutzrelevanten Vorgänge dokumentieren. Vermeiden Sie Bußgelder und halten Sie die notwendigen Dokumente allzeit bereit!

Mit DigiBizs Solutions bieten wir eine kosteneffiziente Plattform.

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No matter what you are concerned about, we are at your side.

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Further information

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Our data protection case is structured like a toolbox. Use the tools it contains and build your own data protection documentation that meets the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We advise and support you!

Your website has been hacked or you have been the victim of a data leak? You need to take action within 72 hours!

We will help your company quickly in the most critical situations. Send us all the necessary information by email. We will get back to you immediately.

Every company, regardless of whether it is an SME or a corporate group, must document all processes relevant to data protection. Avoid fines and keep the necessary documents ready at all times!

With DigiBizs Solutions we offer a cost-efficient platform.