Data protection coach/consultant

Many internal data protection officers face the challenge of fulfilling their legal duties and meeting their responsibilities in addition to various other activities. In addition, it is often a difficult undertaking for (part-time) data protection officers to work as lone wolves in the company, to adequately answer the many different data protection law questions and to keep an eye on current developments in data protection. In order to be able to do justice to the tasks of the data protection officer, the data protection experts of Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH offer you help with many questions.

How can the experts at Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH help you?

The data protection experts at Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH are available to provide advice and support on both minor issues and complex topics. Let us coach you for the period of time you require or call up expert knowledge on specific topics.

The data protection experts are happy to support you with e.g.

In addition, the experts at Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH are at your side with a wealth of knowledge and even more experience:

Advantages through coaching

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