Expert for employee representative bodies

The employee representative body or works council has the legally defined task of representing the interests of the employees of a company. Consequently, protection against misuse in the collection, processing and use of personal employee data also lies within their area of responsibility. Since the members of the employee representative body or works council usually have little or only limited knowledge of the regulations in the area of data protection, the experts at Digital Compliance Consulting GmbH offer various types of support for the representatives of the company’s employees. The support can start at the following points:
  • Training of employee representatives and works councils on the topic of employee data protection.
  • Coaching in the processing of operational topics on the subject of data protection
  • Advice on technical and data protection issues relating to the introduction and use of technical equipment and systems
  • Support in drafting company agreements on the subject of data protection
  • Support in exercising control rights vis-à-vis the employer, e.g.
    • Examination of the directory of procedural activities
    • Examination of compliance with data protection principles
    • Monitoring of compliance with the purpose limitation of data
    • Review of the proper appointment of the company data protection officer
  • Support in the implementation of data protection requirements in the work of the works council

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